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Emergency Orthodontist In My Area

Should I See an Emergency Orthodontist in My Area for a Broken Bracket?

A broken bracket can be the most common problem you face when wearing braces. It may not be considered a dental emergency where you need to see an emergency orthodontist in my area. Examine your mouth carefully to decide if you need urgent attention or wait until the next scheduled appointment. If you don’t have any pain then you can likely wait.
If you decide not to see an emergency orthodontist in my area for a broken bracket, there are things you can do in the meantime. If the wire is still attached then you can leave it in place. Use orthodontic wax to hold the broken bracket in place. If it has come loose and you can remove it easily, bring it with you for reattachment. If the wire is bothering you, you can also try to clip it or place some wax to prevent it from cutting the inside of the mouth.

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