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Non-extraction Orthodontics

What You Should Know about Non-Extraction Orthodontics

Non-extraction orthodontics is straighten teeth without the removal of permanent teeth. It’s an alternative method of treatment, which allows you to retain all of your teeth while still having your teeth straightened. Dentists can use functional appliances such as retainers to develop or expand the jaw line to create enough space for the teeth to grow.
There are different benefits of non extraction orthodontics. If the jaw is developed enough to accommodate all the teeth then a person’s smile can be enhanced. There is less time wearing braces. The longer one has to wear braces, the greater the chances for cavities. With non-extraction orthodontics, many people can wear braces for less time. Normally, the four bicuspid teeth will be removed so the teeth can be straightened. However, with this process, the teeth are not removed. There is space to develop the teeth but growth is enough in post molar areas in order to let wisdom teeth come through easily.

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